Danger! Pressing Acne Can Cause Death

AstroSIA - Danger! Pressing Acne Can Cause DeathAcne can cause death, you probably will not believe this, but it usually is considered trivial by many people is indeed able to harm yourself. If you squeeze the wrong then you could bring yourself to death. Acne may indeed very annoying, especially if it grows in very sensitive areas such as in the nose, cheeks and other facial areas of her.


Many people are choosing to squeeze it earlier, maybe it is okay, but you should know that in fact squeeze pimples will only worsen the situation you face. Such as giving scars, irritation, bleeding and the worst is pressing acne can cause death. So you should wait until your acne break itself than to experience some of these things. And here the danger that could be posed if you squeeze your acne:

Danger! Pressing Acne Can Cause Death

1. Irritation
pressing pimples will only worsen the situation. Even though there is no improvement, then it is only temporary. Because if you squeeze your acne, the acne will soon reappear in conjunction with the appearance of irritation and redness. Even irritation and redness will give the former is longer than the age of the acne itself.

2. Bleeding
With a squeeze pimples or scratching its surface, then your acne may experience bleeding. If your acne to bleed, then the clogged pores will be open and vulnerable to leave bacteria on the skin around the a pimple. White blood cells will fight bacteria that invade the pores and you will return clogged but inflamed. This causes the appearance of swelling and dried blood so that acne will reappear even looks worse than ever.

3. Infection
Squeeze acne will only make the existing bacteria getting into the skin, causing infection in clogged pores and eventually make the area around the acne becomes redder and inflamed.

4. Scarring Network and Scar
Another thing that can hurt you when you squeeze your acne is scarring. Skin that is around the clogged pores will also be permanently damaged and has scars. This is especially true in the troubled acne lesions, such as papules, pustules, nodules, and cysts all of which can be very painful for you.

5. Death
Perhaps the danger that this one is quite impossible for you. You certainly difficult to believe that the pressing acne can cause death. This could happen because there are areas that have the nerve very important role for your body. The area called the triangle of death. Its layout to be around your nose, so you should never squeeze pimples arbitrary because if the wrong choice and the nerve, then you could get the death. To avoid this happening. You better not pressing pimples because it can lead to death.

Similarly, information about the dangers pressing acne can cause deathwe can give to you. Hopefully useful and thank you. 

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