Danger! Fall sitting position Can Cause Death

AstroSIA - Danger! Fall sitting position Can Cause DeathFell to the sitting position can cause the deaths of people guessing. So you should be careful in doing something, and immediately consult if you fall in the sitting position like this. Indeed, fall is a sure thing experienced by everyone. Ranging from children, adolescents and the elderly.

The pain caused due to falls are not all sick, and even just sore for a while and then disappear, but did you know that falls to a certain position can be very hazardous to your health. primarily fall to the sitting position, fell with the sitting position can make you lose a life. Therefore, you should not ignore the impact of the fall you experienced.

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If you fall in an incorrect position, it can cause serious injury and can even lead to death. For example, fell to the sitting position, why fall with these positions can cause death? It was certainly a question that was not you think? Fell to the sitting position is very dangerous because it can cause your coccyx fracture. While the tail bone is connected to the spinal cord. So if until it happens then you can experience tremendous pain and coupled with its other health problems. It seems very hard to believe that one of the smallest bones in the body can cause excruciating pain.

Danger! Fall sitting position Can Cause Death

But for those of you who are still not sure, we will provide information about the dangers of falling in the sitting position that can strike you:
·         You will feel pain when sitting even after completion sitting
·         You will also feel very severe headache
·         Pain in the whole body will come to you, especially pain in the waist and hips
·         coccyx you will feel pain and will not subside in the long term
·         You will also experience chronic digestive problems, especially constipation
·         When menstruation, you will experience severe cramps
·         You will be prone to depression and insomnia
·         You will feel pain during sexual intercourse

There are several other causes that could cause injury to the coccyx apart because of a fall in a sitting position. Here's his review:
·         You get used to doing the wrong sitting position
·         Blow you receive directly on the spine can also make injury
·         Broken tailbone while undergoing childbirth
·         Tension and friction repetitive movements such as when you are riding a bicycle
·         Infection or tumor on the coccyx

There are many factors that can make your coccyx injury, especially because of the position sat down. If this is the case, then your health will slowly decrease if you ignore her and not her doctor examined some time after you fall. If you let it, it could be more severe health and can cause death.

Similarly, information about the danger of falling off the sitting position can cause death can be informed to you. Hopefully, this information can be useful and serve as a warning for you to continue to be cautious. thanks