5 Easy Ways to Relieve Headaches Without Medication

AstroSIA - 5 Easy Ways to Relieve Headaches Without MedicationYou often experienced headaches or dizziness? Are you unsure whether it is an ordinary headache? Because there are many factors that could cause you to feel a headache. This can happen because you're on a diet or even because you're in a state of stress. Usually, many people eliminate their pain using painkillers head, but did you know that too much consumption of painkillers is also not good for your health ?.

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You should know that the drugs also have usage restrictions, if you overuse it, then you can dependence on other drugs or her. So you need a natural way other than taking medicine to relieve your headache. and we inform the following 5 Easy Ways to Relieve Headaches Without Medication below:

5 Easy Ways to Relieve Headaches Without Medication

1. Water
Did you know that dehydration can also cause you headaches ? for that you should drink plenty of water every day because dehydration can be common among you who are always busy working or doing other tasks her. Sometimes our bodies too late to give a signal that the body is dehydrated, so you will have a headache. And to overcome it, you can drink a lot of water and meet the needs 8 to 12 glasses of water a day, so you do not become dehydrated and headaches.

2. Oil Eucalyptus
This oil contains anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving substances, so you can use it to get rid of your headache. The way by rubbing eucalyptus oil to the forehead, shoulders, neck and temples you. then massage slowly for sore muscles, aching sinuses, and other conditions that cause you headaches could soon subside.

3. Cinnamon
If you have a headache because of the cold weather, then you can use a paste of cinnamon and water to relieve the pain in your head. The use of cinnamon paste on your forehead and temples, then let stand for 30 minutes. Then clean cinnamon until clean, then you will avoid headaches.

4. Massage
Massage is one alternative that you can choose to relieve your headache. With massage, you can increase blood flow and relieve muscle tension. Begin to massage your temples lightly with a circular motion, then move to the forehead e dank pit ear. press part of your ear with a soft and start to go down to the neck and shoulder area.

5. Point Press
You can also suppress some point to relieve your headache. You do this by pressing the bridge of your nose gently. Press also exist on the skin between the thumb and index finger. By pressing this area, you can relieve your headache.

That's 5 Easy Ways to Relieve Headaches Without Medication that you can do to eliminate the headaches that can bother you anytime. do not let the headaches make the work and your activity is inhibited. May you always be healthy and thanks.