3 Benefits Of Honey Is Very Beneficial For Health


Never drink honey? In addition, to delicious turns, honey can treat various diseases.And of course, all diseases can be cured by eating honey. Thus, if you can eat honey every day is certainly very good for the health of your body.

There are several advantages Honey Benefits For Your Body Health, among others:

3 Benefits Of Honey Is Very Beneficial For Health

As Sugar Substitute 

Surely honey has a distinctive sweet taste, calorie content which can cause less tasty and good for as a sugar substitute. If you like sweet and can not consume food or drink that is not sweet you try to replace sugar with honey.

Although honey also includes a simple sugar, but honey is very different from white sugar contains about 30% glucose and 40% fructose - two monosaccharides or simple sugars - with 20% more complex sugars. Honey also include dextrin, starch fibers. This combination helps the body regulate blood sugar levels.

As Antiseptic 

In many cases, the honey can serve as a medicine wounds. In traditional medicine honey is often used as a cure wounds. Substances in honey can destroy strains of bacteria in the wound.

Increase Hemoglobin 

If you are anemic, eating honey routine will help your body to increase the levels of hemoglobin in the blood. Drink honey with warm water, drink every morning before you eat anything. This will help the body to fight anemia.

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So many benefits that you can take from eating honey. Begin to live a healthy life from now. yes, not prevention is better than cure? Good information about the health benefits of honey for this body could be useful information for you. thanks.